Websnare, Inc. is a collective of talented people striving to design & build the best product for your brand.

Mark Rabin
Mark RabinCEO & Founder
Mark is a tech wizard and visionary. His passion for technology and website development coupled with his keen sense of relationship building has been an integral component to Websnare’s success for over two decades.

When he’s not looking deep into his monitors, Mark can usually be found exploring, hiking, camping, caving, or climbing; he absolutely loves the outdoors and getting as dirty as humanly possible. Mark’s motto (said with the biggest smile): “My best vacation is your worst nightmare.” Mark enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and the people who envelop his world with love and support.

Shannon Reed
Shannon ReedCreative Director
Shannon is a professional photographer, artist, architecture junkie, and wilderness explorer. Along with a fascination of computer systems and development, she’s an aesthetic through and through –  which, as it turns out, is a great pairing when it comes to website design.

An award-winning fine art photographer, Shannon brings an artistic eye and a thoughtful attention to detail to each one of her projects. Shannon truly enjoys fostering a symbiotic relationship with her clients in order to create their dream project.

Shannon received her Bachelor and Master’s degrees from the University of Denver. Her motto: “Do good. Be good.”  

Velu Jayaraman
Velu JayaramanUI Consultant
Velu has sound experience in visual design, user interactive design, and front-end design and development technologies. He takes great pride in exceeding his valuable clients’ expectations and providing them with quality development that finds the perfect blend of functionality and creativity.

Velu and Mark met at a coffee shop in Boulder, CO and became dear friends. Many years later they work together daily to bring some of the finest development on the planet.

Roscoe Ferguson
Roscoe FergusonDevelopment Director
Roscoe is a Graphic Designer and Developer with a passion for beautiful, functional websites. He specializes in art direction, UX/UI, design and front-end web development. He began building websites while studying art and design at the University of Colorado in Boulder and has since since cultivated that degree into a career spanning startups to fortune 500 companies. Over the last decade Roscoe has stayed at the forefront of web technologies. Working in the heart of silicon valley led him to appreciate clean functional design and agile development. He can brand your site, write your code and put you at ease that your project is in good hands.

When he’s not basking in front of the glow of a flat screen monitor, Roscoe has interest in sustainable agriculture. He enjoys organic farming, permaculture, climbing, music, and creating art.

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