We Build Websites that Work.

Websnare, Inc. has been in the web development and design business since 1997. Our world-class developers are curious, creative, and nimble when it comes industry changes and developments.

Web design isn't just about creating pretty layouts.

It’s about understanding the marketing challenges behind your business.

Adaptability is key.

Our skills and services fit the needs of the modern world and our websites are aesthetically pleasing on all static and mobile platforms. With the variety of devices available on the market today built to display fully interactive web pages, you'll want a dynamic and multi-faceted site to attract, retain, and maintain productive traffic flow.

Design with an emphasis on communications and customer engagement. Development which is easily editable with expandable website capacity based on your specific needs.

We can create engaging content for newsletters, blogs, training materials – all with SEO friendly text and using white hat security search engine optimization to improve your rankings.

We will create social media campaigns to increase brand awareness and engagement and our marketing strategies rely upon carefully crafted relationships as well as a Google Engage partnership.

We will ensure that your online purchase platform is secure, easy, and convenient for both you and your client-base.

We’ll help you evaluate your current platform and assess necessary brand identity needs, shifts, and expansion opportunities.

We can continue work on projects in progress or web projects otherwise abandoned by other developers. Once your new site is up and running, we will maintain your infrastructure and ensure the use of updated web products.

get noticed

grow your business

SEO the smart way.

Competition in any market is a challenge –  regardless of your product so it’s not enough to simply have a beautiful website – you want your audience to find you first! 

We can optimize your site so that potential clients find you before they find your competition. Our web maintenance, social media, Google Smart SEO, and content creation services can help bolster your brand from all angles.

Websnare offers a full complement of highly-skilled copywriters, photographers, narrators, graphic designers, and project managers available to you depending on your content needs.

Velu Jayaraman

UI Consultant

Shannon Reed

Creative Director

Roscoe Ferguson

Development Director

Larry Harte

Business Development

Micah Ball

Voice Narration

What people say?

"Mark helped develop and set up our small business website. Websnare provided a solid design and implementation experience, professionalism, flexibility, and quick response to any issues and questions. The website looks great, and has since received many compliments."
Dan J.
"Mark is an exceptional developer. He will get you exactly what you want at a fair rate. I had gone over my budget with another firm and they couldn't deliver. Luckily Mark was able to bail me out!"
Dave S.
"I have worked with Mark as both client and contractor, and have all great things to say. In building a narrative for an online LMS system, I ran into software and code outside of my skill set. Whereas Mark could have rendered the piece much more quickly, he instead took the time and energy to teach me how to do it. He intuited that I had a desire to know, and tailored his approach toward my needs. Oh, and he is an incredible developer, by the way. Thank you Mark!"
Mike B.
"Worked with Mark and Roscoe of Websnare on several web design projects. They’re incredibly knowledgeable, easy to work with, and most importantly, great at web design and development. They're experts in working in WordPress and Joomla designs for ecommerce and websites. Plus they train clients on how to update their content afterwards."
Tyler H.
That we ask our clients

That may sound like a silly question but, in today’s market economy, a web presence is more necessary than ever. You have a product and you want potential customers to find it. You’re also busy building your business – taking the time to learn the ins and outs of web development, web design, SEO, content management, eCommerce, load times, and security protocols might be more than you want to add to your plate. We can take care of everything for you so you can focus on your business.

-Content up to date?
-Secure and navigable?
-Functional on multiple devices
-Links and widgets working?
-Pleasing flow to your design and layout?
-Copy properly edited?
-eCommerce platform customer friendly?
-Images that tell a story about your product?
-Product standing out from the competition?

Okay – let’s say you have your perfect website. You want the world to find it – but how? It takes a lot of back-end development and system management to ensure optimum search engine optimization (SEO) and not everyone has the time or know-how to sort through that complicated web. You want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find you. Our team can analyze your site’s performance and help get it in front of potential customers.

These are great platforms for certain businesses, unfortunately, prefabricated design platforms like these don’t allow much in the way of the back-end development or flexibility necessary to optimize your site’s web presence and SEO. We can move your site to a platform suitable for the type of customization needed to play well with Google AdWords. We can also teach you how to monitor your performance and rankings and make necessary adjustments to help improve your website’s ranking. 

Give us a call; let’s start creating something wonderful.

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