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Sometimes the things we love break.

All websites require maintenance in order to perform optimally.

We get a lot of calls from folks whose websites haven’t been taken care of beyond the initial build.

Nearly every element and/or component of a site (including the theme, itself) requires updating to ensure optimum functionality as well as to mitigate the potential for security breaches and hacks.

These updates are not precipitated by the person or company who built your site – they are necessitated by the continuous upgrades being made by third parties either to prevent security breaches or enhance the existing environment for both the front end and back end user (you and your customer).

You can hire us to fix the issues impacting your site’s performance on a case-by-case basis, or you may purchase our maintenance plan for the ongoing care and feeding of your site; give a call and see what makes most sense based on your needs.

Much like a brand new car needs to be maintained –
so does your website.

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