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The snow fell last night, and is still falling as I write this blog entry. 

Today I feel fortunate, to have a sucessful business doing what I enjoy and working with the best clients in the world!  I feel very lucky to be able to work in a field I enjoy. 

So I read the news today .. Oh Boy...

Steve Jobs - thank you and you will be missed.

An amazing CEO - an amazing person in our modern world.

I wish I had gotten the chance to meet you.

You certainly had some of my hard earned cash.

The other news is  alarming.

Just another blog entry about web development and design in Colorado October 2011.Since Websnare opened our satellite office we have been busy trying to attend to the dedicated service our clients deserve. We stand by our service to our clients and realize that our firm is only as good as our last representation of our abilities. These days in Colorado I see more web-developer-production-lines ( web designers with a program that generates websites which they will never be able to decipher the code that is spit out of the program), and fewer real focused on customer experience web developers who generate their own code, or at least can modify the code they create. Websnare has been around for over 15 years. We have constantly tried to support our clients - by not only training and instruction, but also the advancement of technology, the scripting of customized code and integration of our systems with theirs. It is our goal at Websnare to provide a valued service -- second to none in the world of web development and internet consultation. 
All in all, the new office has worked out great. There are a few things I would like to share about our infrastructure that will let you understand how we integrated to multiple offices.

  1. 1- We use Comcast for Internet and Voice (we dont do T.V.)(( NOTE WE HAVE CHANGED PROVIDERS IN 2015 ))

Google Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Friendly URLS (web addressing) has become a field of its own. There are many different variables that go into quantifying Google's search results.

Google keeps the formula for search engine ranking secret so people do not exploit this.

Trying to trick Google or other engines is refered to as Black Hat, the opposite of this is called White Hat.

Well as the blog title suggests, SEO practices seem more common than ever amoung our clientel.

Website Maintenance

CMS systems - Content Mangagement  Systems can be complex and require up-keep to continue running correctly.

We decided to try to reinstate the blog feature after the rebuild. So this is my first new Blog Entry. 


Today is Friday, and most of my day was consumed by trying to organize next weeks work-load. 

I have a bunch of sites in development and a few more sales in "the cooker" at the moment. 

I really hope they pan out. 


So today I am sitting at Vic's it is 4:20 on a Friday afternoon. My weekend is planned out, my work is cut and dry. I have been listening to the table next to me discuss predictive mathmatics for finding and predicting weather patterns.  

I keep hearing things like, "The natural question that comes to my mind..",  "If you put out hexagonal nodes you will certainly get stretching, but the sphere...., must use a radius function...", "...In the XYZ  node if we rappell to the disc,... the cluster nodes of the disk, we drop nodes in the program.. blah blah blah" 

It's the Fourth of July today. I am going to a few different meetings today and working on multiple different website projects.  I have current projects that range from simple websites to magazines to very large e-commerce sites. Many of our new websites have a social media elements included in their architecture.

Websnare seems to be growing daily. We communicate with one or two new clients a day most of these clients have specialized projects that require advanced programming or intense web development needs. 

Today there was a huge settlement in a lawsuit in Texas. The summary of the story goes, someone did not like someone else and posted a bunch of malicious stuff as an anonymous poster...they lost the suit and have to pay 14 million dollars by court order. The cincher here is that the post was made Anonymously - which is never has the anonymity you might expect.  Basically, the First Amendment Right to Free Speech are being questioned by this ruling. If you say what you want, and if you say it anonymously; you can still be held accountable, and pay DEARLY.  Remember Orwell and 1984, Big Brother is watching, and he knows your name regardless if you do. The Patriot Act is in full swing and regardless of your intention or behavior you are being scrutinized.

If you walk into pretty much any coffee shop in the USA you will see a bunch of tech-absorbed geeks tooling away on their tech gagets. The life and times of a coffee drinker in the US has changed drastically. There are entirely new methods for finding a good coffee house and a good seat in your favorite venue. Basically, if your a tech user the bandwidth or internet WiFi makes a tremendous difference in your choosing the correct coffee house. If they do not have WiFi and their coffee is unreal.. you'r still heading to Starbucks. (I am not a great fan of Starbucks - only because I realize that Starbucks has put a ton of mom&pop type shops out of biz).

Starbucks aside, the local coffee shop(s) that has survived the Starbucks onslaught should find itself hosting coffee and services to a more tech-heavy crowd then ever before. This type of tech-dom is amoung us and is never going to leave. Coffee fuels code!

Social Media seems to be the "buzz word" of the day. 

Perhaps it should be discussed in our Web Design and Development Blog. 

Websnare offers a few different flavors of Social Media. 

Websnare now has a Western Slope - Rifle, Colorado office.

Websnare has expanded to the Western Slope of Colorado!

We still have the same great location in Boulder - Louisville - Denver, Colorado area!

Now we also have a Rifle - Western Slope, Colorado office.

Summer 2011 is here in full force. Websnare is growing at a frantic pace with many great new clients. 

We have been working hard to incorperate new technologies to help service our newest clients. 

As we look around at the costs/time and competition in the Boulder area we are finding that we represent the best "bang" for the buck!

Our prices are a fraction of most other developers in our region, and our quality is way above standard. 

We think we are the best deal in the western U.S. for Internet Development - both in and around Denver | Boulder Colorado. 

I feel I need to post another entry to the blog. 

About the phone calls I get daily!

I keep hearing  "horror stories" from potential clients. 

[ Remember Websnare offers FREE consultation- if in doubt please call us! ]

The story sounds like this:

" I paid this developer for a website..."

Websnare only recieves final payment when you are satisified!

"The site does not do what I wanted..."
 Websnare only recieves final payment when you are satisified!


"The web designer never completed the job..."

Websnare only recieves final payment when you are satisified!


"My web developer owns the domain name..."

Websnare will never own your domain name!


"I have no idea who hosts my website.."

Websnare will never own your hosting!


"I wait weeks for updates to my website - I have to call again and again..."

Websnare only keeps 15 active clients so we can give the attention you deserve!


"I thought Wordpress was the way to go... "

Websnare will educate you on all the solutions that fit within your budget!


"My developer told me that I could only have one domain name..."

Websnare will educate you on how to properly register your domain name!

I have a moment to write in my blog.

It seems that getting my own moment is becoming a very rare occurence.

Between each blog entry I typically find myself working very long hours on multiple projects.

We made a good business move and re-relocated again!

We promise to stay put for a bit!


Websnare has re-relocated to:

1035 E. South Boulder Rd. Apt 315
Louisville, CO 80027


same phone: 720-304-2150

same email: websnare-at-gmail.com

 (( as of 2014 - we are located in SE Denver))

Websnare has relocated - our new address is 4230 Hanover St. Boulder, CO 80305 Our phone number should stay the same - 720-304-2150 Thanks for your patience while we moved. Were settled in and back to work. Transitions can be difficult, but this move was so easy compared to our last.

It has been a while since I put a post in the blog section - so I had a sec. and figured now is the season!


So, life is complex at the moment - lots of new development and some great new clients!

I have been doing a bunch of local travel and meeting some fantastic people!

Oh boy, Monday at Websnare. It has been a busy Monday so far. However, my weekend was great. I will focus on that for a bit. 

Saturday, I went on a hike with a friend to a mountain behind his house. I ran into a horse in the woods that was pretty spooked by our presence. 

The peak was a technical climb, but we did not attempt it. However, we did see some fantastic terrain and found two bubbling springs on our hike.

Sunday, I worked on some audio in the studio, and had a fantastic creative  practice with the band Sunday night. 

This morning I have been concentrating on revenue related internals.  

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