Kelly Gallagher

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Kelly Gallagher is a thought leader, paradigm shifter, documentary filmmaker, web content producer, promotional campaign creator, writer, director, and marketing guru. She recently moved to Boulder from Los Angeles, CA to work on a massive wellness campaign and global web project where she first met Mark.

Kelly is a five-time cancer thriver. Powered by her sixth pacemaker and a new heart valve, she is not only a real live science experiment and super hero, but she's also a promo queen with a unique perspective and insight on living and communication. She is committed to an organic, agile existence both at home and in the business arena. She believes her ability to help clients achieve their goals and dreams comes from her own commitment to visioning and goal setting that she learned long ago training as an AAU competitive swimmer, a UF water polo player, a NSSA surfer, and a survivor of twelve life threatening events. This experience has provided a keen insight into human behavior and a foundation of discipline and focus for life.

Her favorite activities aside from making her clients and her cat named Scrappy happy are, scheming on how to make the galaxy a better place, swimming with the dolphins, hanging with her goddess girlfriends, planning a yoga and poetry tour for her new book, and writing, shooting, or watching movies.

Last modified on Mar 20,2015
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