Websnare now has a Western Slope - Rifle, Colorado office.

Websnare has expanded to the Western Slope of Colorado!

We still have the same great location in Boulder - Louisville - Denver, Colorado area!

Now we also have a Rifle - Western Slope, Colorado office.

Well as the blog title suggests, SEO practices seem more common than ever amoung our clientel.

Website Maintenance

CMS systems - Content Mangagement  Systems can be complex and require up-keep to continue running correctly.

Jan 06,2014

Google Ranks

Google Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Friendly URLS (web addressing) has become a field of its own. There are many different variables that go into quantifying Google's search results.

Google keeps the formula for search engine ranking secret so people do not exploit this.

Trying to trick Google or other engines is refered to as Black Hat, the opposite of this is called White Hat.

Just another blog entry about web development and design in Colorado October 2011.Since Websnare opened our satellite office we have been busy trying to attend to the dedicated service our clients deserve. We stand by our service to our clients and realize that our firm is only as good as our last representation of our abilities. These days in Colorado I see more web-developer-production-lines ( web designers with a program that generates websites which they will never be able to decipher the code that is spit out of the program), and fewer real focused on customer experience web developers who generate their own code, or at least can modify the code they create. Websnare has been around for over 15 years. We have constantly tried to support our clients - by not only training and instruction, but also the advancement of technology, the scripting of customized code and integration of our systems with theirs. It is our goal at Websnare to provide a valued service -- second to none in the world of web development and internet consultation. 
All in all, the new office has worked out great. There are a few things I would like to share about our infrastructure that will let you understand how we integrated to multiple offices.

  1. 1- We use Comcast for Internet and Voice (we dont do T.V.)(( NOTE WE HAVE CHANGED PROVIDERS IN 2015 ))