Mar 23,2011


We made a good business move and re-relocated again!

We promise to stay put for a bit!


Websnare has re-relocated to:

1035 E. South Boulder Rd. Apt 315
Louisville, CO 80027


same phone: 720-304-2150

same email:

 (( as of 2014 - we are located in SE Denver))

I have a moment to write in my blog.

It seems that getting my own moment is becoming a very rare occurence.

Between each blog entry I typically find myself working very long hours on multiple projects.

May 25,2011

Horror Stories

I feel I need to post another entry to the blog. 

About the phone calls I get daily!

I keep hearing  "horror stories" from potential clients. 

[ Remember Websnare offers FREE consultation- if in doubt please call us! ]

The story sounds like this:

" I paid this developer for a website..."

Websnare only recieves final payment when you are satisified!

"The site does not do what I wanted..."
 Websnare only recieves final payment when you are satisified!


"The web designer never completed the job..."

Websnare only recieves final payment when you are satisified!


"My web developer owns the domain name..."

Websnare will never own your domain name!


"I have no idea who hosts my website.."

Websnare will never own your hosting!


"I wait weeks for updates to my website - I have to call again and again..."

Websnare only keeps 15 active clients so we can give the attention you deserve!


"I thought Wordpress was the way to go... "

Websnare will educate you on all the solutions that fit within your budget!


"My developer told me that I could only have one domain name..."

Websnare will educate you on how to properly register your domain name!

Summer 2011 is here in full force. Websnare is growing at a frantic pace with many great new clients. 

We have been working hard to incorperate new technologies to help service our newest clients. 

As we look around at the costs/time and competition in the Boulder area we are finding that we represent the best "bang" for the buck!

Our prices are a fraction of most other developers in our region, and our quality is way above standard. 

We think we are the best deal in the western U.S. for Internet Development - both in and around Denver | Boulder Colorado.