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Yep at the National Speleological Convention - 2014 - My logo for IWIC won first place. This was a project I took on for free for an organization I believe in. I am so happy that it actually was shown, but I never imagined it would win First Place! Logo Development has always gone hand-in-hand with graphic and web development - I guess I learned something over all these years!

Jul 23,2014

Family Time

Well some things just happen - life, love, happy etc. Good design can help these emotions become conversions. Just like I proposed to the girl I love and she said yes! That is the life and love part :)

Yes, this blogpost is not really about development or websites, but my life.

Spokeo stole money from my account this week

I am writting this blog post while waiting for a call back from the legal team at Spokeo. They took two charges out of my personal account over the last week. I called and was told I was issued a refund that will re-appear in my account in 7-10 buisiness days. Basically, take my hard-earned funds, keep them for interest and then return them. However, if I had not seen the fraudlent charges on my account it would have continued indefinetly. I have no earthly-idea how they got my information, but I do know that I never signed up for anything spokeo in my life. After looking on for others who have suffered this thievery, I found this: About 1,090,000 results : take a look at this.

This is a tutorial about the use of Joomla Media Manager in version 3.3 - along with some other tidbits.