Today, we are happy to announce that Websnare, Inc. is now able to provide our clients with voice recognition software customized for our clients websites. Each client has a unique set of requirements and experience. The Voice Recognition software is customized for each client's specific needs and wants.

Jan 06,2014


Just figured I had a second for a blog post. Figured I would just mention what I was working on etc. 

I have a client currently:  - a new website idea - basically you escrow money with bizooti, and they try to find you the best deals for your dollar.  Interesting project - seems to be a great idea so far!

I put in a few hours with bizooti this morning. 

Lots going on with Websnare these days! Exciting stuff!
We have been working with many local businesses to establish our working base here in Boulder, Colorado. Since, we moved our home-base to Boulder we have been met with many great clients who are also our friends. We feel very blessed and happy to oblige.

Jan 06,2014

Oh Yea!

So it has been an amazing last few days. Really tons going on currently for Websnare, Inc. We have had the busiest summer ever. Lots of amazing new clients and a some challenging projects.

Excited and learning!

The newest projects on our plate will be fantastic web resources and think-tanks for ideas. Challenging designs and architectures with professional expectations.

The social media integrations and community like feature-sets are combined to bring a real CMS backbone with very versitile integrated aesthetic templates.