Today, I am wrapping up a week of great work and looking forward to a nice trip to some of my favorite caves.  Yes, you read correctly - Caves.

I love caving, spelunking or underground exploration. I have been doing it most of my 43 years, and it is where I feel most spiritual. 

Everyone seems to have their own special niche and Cavin' is mine. It started when I was 8 years old and my father took me to Mammoth Cave National Park. I fell in love pretty much immediately and started reasearching and exploring caves near and far. My life is really pretty simple. I am a father, a caver, and a computer professional. Caving fits perfectly into this equation, it removes me from my computer and gives me a great recreation and scientific study outside of my computer that I can enjoy with my son. I also love that it truely removes me from my computer and email while I am underground. I can then utilize my computer to help compile resources and mapping when I am back above ground. My son has also grown to enjoy this passion. It fits his personality pretty well, as to him the cave is a large jungle-gym that challenges him and gives him something to dream about. 

Today there was a huge settlement in a lawsuit in Texas. The summary of the story goes, someone did not like someone else and posted a bunch of malicious stuff as an anonymous poster...they lost the suit and have to pay 14 million dollars by court order. The cincher here is that the post was made Anonymously - which is never has the anonymity you might expect.  Basically, the First Amendment Right to Free Speech are being questioned by this ruling. If you say what you want, and if you say it anonymously; you can still be held accountable, and pay DEARLY.  Remember Orwell and 1984, Big Brother is watching, and he knows your name regardless if you do. The Patriot Act is in full swing and regardless of your intention or behavior you are being scrutinized.

I have recently purchased a few different Apple mobile devices. I have a short comparision of these items below.
The Ipad 2, and the Iphone 4s (with Verizon service).  My cell phone was meticulously mistakenly cleaned by the washing machine.
I needed a new Mobile Number so I can support my clients while traveling. Although, I should digress here to explain my prior Cell Phone was far from a smart-phone.

I was lucky to work out a fair-trade with clients for both of these devices. 


It's the Fourth of July today. I am going to a few different meetings today and working on multiple different website projects.  I have current projects that range from simple websites to magazines to very large e-commerce sites. Many of our new websites have a social media elements included in their architecture.

Websnare seems to be growing daily. We communicate with one or two new clients a day most of these clients have specialized projects that require advanced programming or intense web development needs.