This will be the last blog post for 2011. What a year. 
Websnare grew tremendously over the last year.

We are all pleased with the advancements we have been able to achieve and bring to our clients.

We have learned tons and look forward to a prosperous and challenging 2012.

We know that the technology due to break-out in 2012 is mind-boggling.

Today's topic is Content Management Systems. Better known to developers as CMS. They can greatly expedite the development time of a website - what used to take months can now be done in a few clicks. 

If you are using the correct system, and know your way around their interface, the web world can become what you envision instead of what your developer envisions. Note:At Websnare we aim to create the website you want!

That said, there are a few noteable CMS "flavors" out there. 

We are going to make a quick list and continually modify this post to accomodate new changes and updates. 

The latest news on web design and development:

Apple Ipad3 - sold out prior to launch - basically the Ipad 2 with 4g and higher resolution display is completely sold out during the preorder. 


Facebook is being sued by Yahoo - this is a big blow to Facebook as it seemed to be on quite a roll after its survival against the Google Law Suite.

If you walk into pretty much any coffee shop in the USA you will see a bunch of tech-absorbed geeks tooling away on their tech gagets. The life and times of a coffee drinker in the US has changed drastically. There are entirely new methods for finding a good coffee house and a good seat in your favorite venue. Basically, if your a tech user the bandwidth or internet WiFi makes a tremendous difference in your choosing the correct coffee house. If they do not have WiFi and their coffee is unreal.. you'r still heading to Starbucks. (I am not a great fan of Starbucks - only because I realize that Starbucks has put a ton of mom&pop type shops out of biz).

Starbucks aside, the local coffee shop(s) that has survived the Starbucks onslaught should find itself hosting coffee and services to a more tech-heavy crowd then ever before. This type of tech-dom is amoung us and is never going to leave. Coffee fuels code!