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By Melissa Neilson
Jul 15,2016
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So you have a website. This isn’t enough to make a customer trust you. To stand out, you have to convince visitors that you can be trusted, and that you intend to keep your promises. Your credibility depends on trustworthiness and expertise. You could be the most honest business owner in the world, but a new customer finding you on the internet doesn’t know that! We hope you will spread the word about your experience with us! Here are a few simple techniques that will earn the trust of your customers:

Show your address and phone number.

Offer a physical address on your site. The chances that anyone will actually come by are slim, but it shows that you’re a real, physical business. Make sure you provide a phone number too, in case a customer wants to reach out verbally.

Provide product reviews or customer testimonials.

 Personally, if I’m buying something online and I can’t find any customer reviews, I will not buy it. Customers rely heavily on other customers to help guide them. Seek out your satisfied customers, or ones with whom you’ve had a long relationship. Ask them for a paragraph about their experience with you, what service was provided, and how that service has helped them.

Publish information that can be easily verified.

Indicating resources or references leading back to trustful websites is certain to persuade clients of your intentions, expertise, and position in the market. News articles or information about your partners work well.

Update your site on a regular basis.

Nothing screams “Run!” to customers more than visibly outdated information. It indicates that you either are no longer in business, or no longer care about your business. Spelling errors on websites have a devastating effect on business, because it makes it seem like you didn’t put much thought or effort into it!

Be authentic and transparent

The most important aspect of your credibility is your authenticity. Stay true to yourself, and we guarantee your customers will appreciate it. (Example: If you’re a small company like we are at Websnare, don’t pretend to be a huge corporation.) And whenever you’re communicating with your customers, stay honest and candid – they’ll appreciate that even more! We pride ourselves on this very aspect!

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