Use Feature Stubs to See What Users Want

Jul 17,2015
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When developing a website, there is a tool to use to gauge interest in a particular feature without having to build out the entire functionality of the feature. This is called a feature stub. Using a feature stub allows web developers to see if the demand for new functionality is enough to warrant the time investment in building additional capabilities into a site. A feature stub can take the form of a button or call-to-action; when the user clicks or interacts with the feature stub, it will usually redirect to a page explaining that the feature is in development or coming soon. The webmaster or developer can track the site traffic to determine how many people have clicked on the feature stub and compare it to overall traffic to see if there is enough demand to warrant building the actual feature. Using this method saves time by prioritizing which features should be built out while providing more information on your users’ desired functionality.

Last modified on Jul 21,2015
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