Web Design Trends of 2017

By Melissa Neilson
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Our core goals in building your website have consisted of:
  • building a mobile-friendly site that functions equally on all devices
  • creating a clean appearance that allows the right messages to stand out
  • leaving users with a lasting impression of trust & quality
  • blending content with simplicity
  • making the site load as fast as possible

As the new year begins and technology gets more incredible, there will be certain trends that stand out in web design. People are incredibly visual beings, and the strongest trends are those that consider the human eye, along with our other senses. Websites boasting high resolution will be important in 2017, and brand-curated images to pique audience interest. But, images aren’t the only way to be visual. Typography will become more important this year, as more businesses will try to separate themselves from the competition with strong branding.

Video will continue to dominate trends. Video content is already strong on blogs and YouTube, but designers are tinkering with it in other ways. Background video and motion graphics will be enjoying some attention. The success of good animation depends on subtle gentle movements and simplicity.

As web designers, our job has changed considerably to the extent that we are now largely styling content containers. With the establishment of responsive design our page designs have to fit into simple re-configurable panels – there is less and less customization we can do.

Some clients tend to think the design work is over when the site is built and don’t really consider designing their content. It is so easy to mess up a homepage with an ill-cropped image or with a headline and image that do not really work together. Web users have grown to expect a professional look and feel to websites and organizations that can’t maintain it will lose out.

Infographics could be part of this picture. Using data to identify the areas in which a designer’s touch will make a difference and tying that in with your website’s user experience is the key. This will be a transformative year in the integration of user experience, design and digital marketing.

Flat design will continue being influenced by the simplicity and clarity of app design.

UI patterns will continue to develop, as behavior patterns that occur frequently in checkouts, logins and registrations are likely to become more constrained due to changes and developments in browsing security.

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