Tips For Your Web Design

By Melissa Neilson
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- A websites target audience should be thought about at absolutely all stages of the design process. Websites should be appropriately made for the target audiences to use and should provide them with all of the information that they're likely to need.

- Branding should be consistent throughout websites, where possible using brand colours, logos and stable messaging throughout.

- Think simplicity. Flashy, over-complicated websites can often provide poor user experiences; with too much going on in one place users can sometimes feel bombarded. The majority of the most effective websites are made up of simple and clean layouts that are easy to navigate.

- All images and videos on a website should be high quality. Fuzzy and low quality images can make any website look incredibly poor and create negative impacts on brands.

- SEO should be used to ensure websites get the attention which they deserve – there is no point in having the best website if no one is going to see it!

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