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Oct 15,2015
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You have a new website and your ready to start getting the new clients. Unfortunately the internet and google doesn’t work like that. We can’t make a website and expect to be on the first page of google instantly. What I’m going to show you today will help you in the journey to the first page of google and help you stay there.


1 Good content


You might have heard this one before and think you need to add more original content. You are 100% correct in that, if you are doing this keep it up. Here is another tip about content, write to your client with specific keywords. Google is looking for keywords that put their users in the right place, if you have the right key phrases you increase you chances of ranking higher.


2 Good clean U/X


What is U/X? It’s the user experience. Here why your user experience matters. When google finds your specific keywords and sends someone to your site they track and see how long the user was at your site. This tells google if your site is relevant to the keywords(or content) you have. A good U/X will help your potential client find what they're looking for and keep them engaged in exploring your site. If you would like to see if your site has a good U/X contact our team here.

3 Always improving


There are a hundred other things you could do to get on the first page of google but here is the most important thing to keep in mind. Always look for ways to be better. Also be patience, it’s takes time. Install google analytics to track your audience. Remember that there is always someone to help you get to the top, if you get stuck ask for help.


It’s a hard job to get on the front page of google but I know you can get there.


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