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So you have a website. This isn’t enough to make a customer trust you. To stand out, you have to convince visitors that you can be trusted, and that you intend to keep your promises. Your credibility depends on trustworthiness and expertise. You could be the most honest business owner in the world, but a new customer finding you on the internet doesn’t know that! We hope you will spread the word about your experience with us! Here are a few simple techniques that will earn the trust of your customers:

Show your address and phone number.

Offer a physical address on your site. The chances that anyone will actually come by are slim, but it shows that you’re a real, physical business. Make sure you provide a phone number too, in case a customer wants to reach out verbally.

Provide product reviews or customer testimonials.

 Personally, if I’m buying something online and I can’t find any customer reviews, I will not buy it. Customers rely heavily on other customers to help guide them. Seek out your satisfied customers, or ones with whom you’ve had a long relationship. Ask them for a paragraph about their experience with you, what service was provided, and how that service has helped them.

Publish information that can be easily verified.

Indicating resources or references leading back to trustful websites is certain to persuade clients of your intentions, expertise, and position in the market. News articles or information about your partners work well.

Update your site on a regular basis.

Nothing screams “Run!” to customers more than visibly outdated information. It indicates that you either are no longer in business, or no longer care about your business. Spelling errors on websites have a devastating effect on business, because it makes it seem like you didn’t put much thought or effort into it!

Be authentic and transparent

The most important aspect of your credibility is your authenticity. Stay true to yourself, and we guarantee your customers will appreciate it. (Example: If you’re a small company like we are at Websnare, don’t pretend to be a huge corporation.) And whenever you’re communicating with your customers, stay honest and candid – they’ll appreciate that even more! We pride ourselves on this very aspect!

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Joomla! 3.6 has been released! Here are some highlights of the 3.6 release:

Joomla! Update has been improved and now allows you to reinstall Joomla’s core files at the click of a button, overwriting any modified file(s) and reverting them back to the default. Joomla! 3.6 contains a lot of UX improvements. Now you can find your modules faster, have tasks done by dropdown, improved user management and so much more...

-With the new Sub Form Field function in Joomla! 3.6, we added some extra additional functionality next to Repeatable fields. Now you can nest XML forms inside each other or reuse your existing forms inside your current form.
-Create categories on the fly: It can get frustrating when you create a new item, and you realise that you haven’t created a category yet. Joomla! 3.6 now lets you create a category on the fly for articles, contacts, newsfeeds and banners.
-Menu type ACL: ACL in the backend did not exist at the menu level, now we have improved that. Give or block certain user groups access to a specific menu, and therefore also all menu items of that menu.
-See what's in your menus with All Menu Items: The new option to show all items from all menus gives you a quick overview of what is displayed where on your website. It has never been easier to spot duplicated links, missing menu items or just get an overview of every menu on your site.

Old fashioned advertising doesn’t work, at least not like it used to. Placing an ad in the newspaper is just not enough. Now you put it in front of millions of people through social media marketing networks, and it is archived for years to come.

So, what is social media and how does it work? How can you use social media to grow your business?

Social Media are computer-mediated tools that allow people, companies and other organizations to create, share, or exchange information, career interests, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and network.  All those sites we use for fun and for business: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, LinkedIn and so on. While there are potential costs, it is free, not time consuming, easily accessible and interactive. It is crucial that you invest some time and skills to work it to your advantage. One of the main attractions of social media in growing your business is that it gives small businesses and entrepreneurs the equal opportunity to make a big name along side already existing large and well-known corporations.

Social media comes in many forms – blog, social networks, media-sharing sites, review sites and forums and virtual worlds are some of the most popular.

A blog is best described as writing articles or posts. Through blogs, a company speaks to its customers about the new and cool things it does.The most important element of blogging is consistency. Making sure that you blog regularly by setting a clear goal of posting either daily, or weekly for a whole year. Use permalinks or permanent links to link your blog to other social media platforms. Making sure your site image establishes authority, themes and designs as well as content is what attracts readers and makes your blog trustworthy to read regularly. 

Social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to build direct and personal relationships with your customers. A  company should create pages. Social networks offer a wide range of special features, which are important to use in order to have the best possible introduction of your company’s business. Interaction is the key component to all social media, through social networks your customers can create content about your company making it organic and more convincing.

Media sharing are sites that allow users to upload and share multimedia content. Most known sites for media sharing are YouTube and Flickr. With media sharing you can grow your business by creating and distributing multimedia content to millions of viewers. 

Have a clear plan of what and how will you attract consumers to your company, creating interesting and engaging content that makes consumers want to interact through commenting on, or recommending it and therefore spreading the word on your business. Your customers are using social media as is your competition. With almost no cost, easy to get started, it can make an enormous financial impact on your business.