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If you’ve needed to look something up in a hurry and on the go on your smartphone (chances are probably good that you have, probably already once today), then you know the importance of having an elegant and usable mobile site. A mobile site is not simply a website made smaller; a well-designed mobile site will place an emphasis on clarity and legibility and account for displaying in portrait orientation versus landscape orientation for desktop sites.


Smart Insights reports that at least 80% of internet users own a smartphone and use it to browse retail sites as well as access media sites. However, some companies, almost unbelieveably, have not yet implemented mobile sites. This is not smart, as any difficulties that users have browsing non-mobile sites will usually end up as frustration with the company or brand being visited.

A mobile site will deliver an easy and pleasurable experience by loading faster and being easier to navigate. Buttons and interactive features will be made larger while images will be compressed and made smaller to reduce the amount of bandwidth required to load a given page (saving time and limited mobile data). If you don’t have a website with a mobile version or responsive design, you may be making it more difficult for your customers to use your site and losing out on valuable business.