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Maybe you have been too busy with work and that the thought of holiday shopping slipped your mind. Or maybe, you got caught up in watching Elf and drinking hot cocoa that you didn’t take the time to finish your shopping? Whatever the case may be, weeks have passed, Christmas is almost here and perhaps shipping deadlines have passed and there is nothing you can do about it now. Or is there?

1. Make a list. No need to check it twice. Know who you still need to buy for, what you’re going to get them and how much you want to spend. Staying organized will save you a lot of time – no need to waste time browsing items in the store when you know exactly what you’re looking for!

2. Set a time limit. Look at all of those deals and goodies you want for yourself! JUST DON'T. Setting a time limit to find a gift will keep you from shopping for yourself, and help get your holiday shopping done a lot faster.

3. Look for sales. Just because you’re shopping last minute doesn’t mean you need to spend a crazy amount of money. Deals still exist! To save time, check for deals on the items on your list online before going to the store.

4. Give gift cards. Almost every retailer offers gift cards, which are a great way to allow your loved ones to choose their own gifts. Gift cards are a quick buy and the fact that you can choose a monetary amount will help you stay within your budget. To make gift cards a little more personal, creativelt wrap them or send a fun online greeting with an e-gift card.

5. Bake something up. Who doesn’t love baked goods during the holiday season? Bake something fun from Pinterest and dress them up with festive wrap, ribbon, tins or plates.

6. Get creative and personal. Create personalized gift baskets with simple items found at drug stores. Drug stores offer lots of options all in one place!

7. Shop local. Shopping malls aren’t always around the corner from us, which means they require travel time. Also, they’re often overcrowded with long lines. Save time by purchasing gifts at local shops. They’re just around the corner, and they’re likely to be less crowded.

8. Have some backup gifts on hand. No one is perfect, so just give yourself a break now and purchase some gifts that you can have on hand, IF/WHEN you realize you forgot to purchase something for someone on your list. These items can be things like: candles, a nice throw blanket, coffee sets, etc.