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Your company’s logo is one of your most important assets. A logo is a crucial part of the larger company brand identity and will be remembered by your customers and prospects. As such, the logo reflects on your company on a level of meaning and a level of style. It is important that your company’s logo displays correctly and crisply in each application.


Company logos should be created as vectors, or lossless scalable image files that can be made infinitely large without distortion. If your company logo is, for whatever reason, not a vector file, a designer can help you convert it to one. This will help all of your branded materials look more professional - no one appreciates grainy or distorted images on print materials or on the web.

Vector files will still need to be exported for use on your website, but they are extremely handy for print layouts where the original source file can be used as an image link. This will help your logo remain sharp at any size while utilizing the 300 dpi standard for printing.