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Add Icons to Your Services Page


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well-thought icon on your website can certainly save some words and space. Including icons on your business’s website is a great way to communicate the scope of your offerings clearly and quickly in a matter of seconds to a potential customer browsing your site. A graphic designer can tailor icons to match your specific industry and service offerings, giving a polished and professional look to your site.


Simplify Your Copy


Many companies feel the need to explain even granular details about their products and services on introductory pages on their websites. This results in a website that appears crowded and buries the most important points about the company in large paragraphs. The copy (text) in the body of your website should be as concise as possible. Visual aids such as icons and photographs will help get your point across in an evocative manner with far fewer words on the page.


Preserve White Space

Fight the urge to occupy every square inch of virtual real estate on your home page. Most of the time, a good headline and subheading will tell your users right away that they are in the right place. If you have a scrolling homepage with multiple sections, try to limit each section to one short paragraph (under 50 words). If something is so complex that it needs an in-depth explanation, give it its own page and link to it. Homepages should provide a clear overview of who you are and what you do while nudging users towards next steps, calls-to-action, and purchase/enrollment. By giving each item and headline room to breathe, you give your users room to breathe as well and allow them to spot the most important information on your homepage effortlessly.