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Web traffic can be a great informational tool that explains who is visiting your website and from where your visitors are coming. Using an analytics tracking tool like Google Analytics will provide a breakdown of many statistics about your website such as number of visits and visitors, visit length, links referring visitors to your site, and visitors’ geography (among many, many others). Having these figures on hand can assist in fine-tuning marketing programs and making your website more efficient in displaying information (or converting prospects to sales if that is applicable). If you see that a disproportionate number of visitors all go to the same page, this is in an indicator that what is featured on that page is one of the main reasons visitors are coming to your site. Maybe you could make it easier to go directly to that page or engage in a marketing push if a certain product page is overwhelmingly popular. Regularly looking at your web traffic analytics is a great way to get the other half of the picture in terms of where your users are going (and guessing why).