Splash Pages Put Information Front and Center

Jul 28,2015
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Splash pages help focus user attention. Splash pages help focus user attention.

A splash page is the initial page that a user views when visiting a website. Splash pages can change to reflect different marketing pushes or time-sensitive promotions or can be static and act as a home page or explainer page. For instance, a company that sells products and runs timely promotions can capture visitors’ attention and display their promotion or offer to everyone who visits the website, casting a wide net of awareness for the given promotion. On the other hand, a splash page for a phone app or service will usually be an overview of the features and benefits of the app; this sort of splash page provides a stripped-down design with the minimum necessary information to convey the idea behind the app without introducing any noise or other ideas that will distract from the central point. Splash pages can be made to display only once or twice, allowing a visitor to pass directly to the website’s homepage if the splash page has already been viewed. In short, employing a splash page allows a website to display the most important information first thing before the user sees anything else ensuring that your message will be heard.

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