Snow has come to Boulder Office

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The snow fell last night, and is still falling as I write this blog entry. 

Today I feel fortunate, to have a sucessful business doing what I enjoy and working with the best clients in the world!  I feel very lucky to be able to work in a field I enjoy. 

I could have been a railroad worker, or a school teacher (which I did for a long time), or a corporate trainer working to make my boss rich. Instead, I decided upon my own path, much less travelled. 

I plugged away at the etheral world of the internet until I could earn a living and support my family with the knowledge and understanding I had gained with great efforts. 

Web Development and Design is such an ambiguous field. 
It typically works like this:

So, Mark, what do you do for a living?

Oh, I do Web Developement and Design, I own and run a Web Firm called Websnare.

Oh, so can you fix my computer?

Ah, maybe, but I wont.. thats not what I do...I make Awesome Websites!

Oh, I have a website, I can never get it the way I want it tho!

Oh, you should talk more with me about that...

Yea, I probably should, but ......


Do not wait, your internet real-estate needs attention -your website is loosing value if your not paying attention!

GET ON THE BALL!!!  CALL ME - 720-304-2150

There are No stupid Questions!!!



Oh and yea, the snow is falling!!

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