How Are Your Search Results Working Out?

By Melissa Neilson
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The most effective search optimization campaigns are those that are loaded with high quality and fresh website content, and those that include a wide variety of natural links and social signals. Therefore, creating a website profile that includes links and social signals will give you the best results.

When Google considers any social media websites and ranks social media signals, they are likely to consider authority as much as they consider total volume. They consider relevance, value, and authority to be more important than sheer weight of numbers. While it is relatively easy to buy thousands of likes it is much more difficult to acquire a few likes from high profile and highly authoritative accounts. This gives Google the opportunity to promote higher quality pages and sites within their own rankings.

It is possible that the search engines also consider other, perhaps less obvious factors. If they can measure the Click Through Rate of links and likes from social media websites then this would prove a valuable indicator of quality and legitimacy. The age of your account and how naturally your network has been built will also be considered where possible.

Remember, as I always have written, that Google looks for quality above all else and in all of their ranking factors. They will give greater weight to social signals from the networks that they believe to be of a higher quality and they will give greater weight to the signals that they believe are a more accurate indication of quality. Don’t simply opt for a volume campaign when developing your social media and, instead, consider the quality. Of course, if you can develop a large volume of authoritative signals then this will give you the greatest results possible.

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