Oct -18th 2010 - Monday at Websnare

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Oh boy, Monday at Websnare. It has been a busy Monday so far. However, my weekend was great. I will focus on that for a bit. 

Saturday, I went on a hike with a friend to a mountain behind his house. I ran into a horse in the woods that was pretty spooked by our presence. 

The peak was a technical climb, but we did not attempt it. However, we did see some fantastic terrain and found two bubbling springs on our hike.

Sunday, I worked on some audio in the studio, and had a fantastic creative  practice with the band Sunday night. 

This morning I have been concentrating on revenue related internals.  

I basically try to get my work space together prior to really diggin' in to work on Monday mornings. 

Basically sorting out files and closing out client notes etc. 

I will then dig in deeper for some web design and some development in Flash. 

I also need to contact a few hosts today on voice. 

Let me explain. 

Many web development firms pursue hosting and domain name holdings. 

Others see this as a revenue stream that can lend itself to residual earnings. 

If the client becomes unhappy with the service the web developer still holds the domain name and hosting, thus the client is trapped.

This is a scenario I hear about 1x per week.

I refuse to do this to our clients. 


At Websnare we will provide consultation and assistance in making sure
Purchase and Own and Control your Hosting and Domain Name. 

This gives YOU peace of mind in knowing that Websnare will never take your domain name or hosting. 

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