Oct 15th - Blog Entry

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We decided to try to reinstate the blog feature after the rebuild. So this is my first new Blog Entry. 


Today is Friday, and most of my day was consumed by trying to organize next weeks work-load. 

I have a bunch of sites in development and a few more sales in "the cooker" at the moment. 

I really hope they pan out. 


This Blog will serve as a small portal of insight into things concerning Websnare.  

To conclude my first entry, I would like to focus on CMS Systems.

I think CMS Systems have earned a place in our vocabulary when we discuss  Web Development and Web Design.

Maybe I should back up. Web Development is different than Web Design. Web Development I think of as programming to achieve a Design and achieve a logical goal. Web Design is the aesthetic make-up of a web site or infrastructure.  Websnare provides both of these services in a easy to understand hourly-fee structure - FYI. 

There have been new developments with CMS systems and certain "nuggets" of knowledge that let me know the future of CMS...

CMS stands for Content Management Systems and is typically run in a PHP environment on a LAMP stack (server). 

   LAMP stands for:

Linux (the OS)

Apache (the Public License web server)

MySQL (the Public License database)

PHP - (the 'middleware' that speaks with the database and produces the HTML - which is what the Web  Browser reads to make this webpage!)

New advances in the Language of PHP, HTML and CSS have lead to more advanced methods of construction, information gathering and presentation. 
These new services will surely bring about another recognizable evolutionary step in Internet Browsing and the Internet Browser Web Coding Standards.

Wow, what a concept, all web browsers have a coding standard.. seems silly  that all web browsers want to do different things with the same code.
Each web browser currently has its own niche of code that executes oddly. Internet Explorer is better than it has ever been, but in the past it was a true nightmare. Firefox with all of its glory (THANK YOU FIREFOX!) I still find it a bit slow on the startup.
I love Google Chrome - its fast and has some great development features.

I tend to use Chrome the most these days.  I have an install of Opera also, but its rare that it is open. Safari is installed, but rarely used except to check sites. I do give Safari credit and I like their work, but I almost never use it. 

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