Mistakes You Cannot Afford

By Melissa Neilson
Nov 04,2016
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Web design is both an art and a science. It takes some creativity and an eye for design, as well as some technical know-how. Making your website attractive, useful, and user-friendly is not difficult if you follow the basic guidelines of web design. Keep it simple. Avoid these mistakes at all costs!

#1  No Obvious Call to Action
Each one of your webpages should have a specific purpose. When a customer arrives on that page, what do you want them to do? You may want them to buy your product or place an order. Perhaps you want them to click a link or download an ebook. Whatever it is, everything on that page (text, photos, graphics, design) should lead a customer toward making the action you want them to make.

#2 Violating Design Conventions
Every visitor to your site spends more of their time on other websites than they do on yours. So their expectations about your website are based on what is commonly done on other sites. Navigation goes at the top or the left of the page, not on the right. Scroll up and down.  Underlined words should be links. Buttons and other actionable items need to be obvious. Trying to reinvent the way people interface with your site will frustrate your customers and turn away potential clients.

#3  Background Music
This isn't the Myspace era anymore! It is surprising that this is still an issue, but it is. Never put background music on your website. It annoys your potential customers. You may love the music, but most of your customers won’t. And it’s almost easier to close the webpage than it is to figure out how to turn off the music. Background music will almost always reduce your potential sales. Just don’t do it.

#4  Bad Design
Blinking text. Rainbow colors. Hard to read fonts. No white space. Animated GIFs. Pop-ups. All of these lead to a bad user experience. They can make your site look and feel unprofessional and out of date. It’s worth investing in help from Websnare.

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