List Your Business for Better Visibility

Aug 07,2015
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Is your business listed on Yelp and Google? No? What are you waiting for? Creating free listings at places like Yelp, Foursquare, Google+, the Yellow Pages and Angie’s list can help you get more visibility and business for free. Creating a profile on business listing sites will help expose your company to a wide group of people and create more instances of your business name online thereby helping SEO efforts. Most business listing sites allow you to create a basic profile for free and upload a company picture with contact info and address.

Not all customers think alike and many will search for business or services through several different platforms. Some customers may prefer to search for business through a portal rather than just simple search because they feel that listings on their favorite directory are more legitimate or trustworthy. As such, it is advantageous to list on several different directories in order to capturee the widest possible segment of potential customers.

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