Less is More

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Take your web copy. Now edit it down to half the length. Now edit out half again. Clear and concise copy will go miles in terms of conveying your message to your customers and will also result in an aesthetically-pleasing layout for your website.


The general rule of thumb for the copy (text) on your website is that less is more, as in less copy is more effective. Lengthy copy only serves to distract your users from the important messages and calls-to-action on your website. It is not necessary to explain every detail of your company, product or services on each page of the website; users should be presented with enough information to navigate through your website and know that they are in the right place for what they are seeking.


Clear and concise web copy will also strengthen your brand and make it appear more refined. Contrasting fonts and headline sizes can aid in organizing content on your website. Every unnecessary line of copy places an additional, albeit small, mental burden on your users. Remember to pare down your copy before you start building your website, it will make everything easier in the long run.

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