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The latest news on web design and development:

Apple Ipad3 - sold out prior to launch - basically the Ipad 2 with 4g and higher resolution display is completely sold out during the preorder. 


Facebook is being sued by Yahoo - this is a big blow to Facebook as it seemed to be on quite a roll after its survival against the Google Law Suite.


Boulder, CO and surrounding areas are buzzing with new technology start-ups. The technology service industry is booming! Websnare is smack-dab in the middle of it! We have some great clients and new interests that seem like real win-win deals. 

Websnare is always willing to discuss your project free of charge and in confidence. 


Mobile Platforms are prolific and with new smartphones appearing daily there is always a need for a new template or interface to meet the ever-growing mobile marketplace.  Websnare now offers Mobile Application Development - so get ready!


The QRcode - I have a few clients that have recently implemented the QRcode.. the what?  Ok, really?  The QR code is a "newer" barcode like symbol that seems to be showing up on many different marketing mediums.  It can hold Web Addresses and other valid information - Websnare knows this technology is here to stay! Ask us about how to include QR codes in your next project - print, web or other. 


Good Design, is still a very marketable asset. Without good design the point is not so poigniant!

Thanks for reading the quicky-news! by Websnare


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