3 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

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Add a Signup Link on Your Footer or Header

The footer block of your website is a great place to add an invitation for your customers or prospects to join your mailing list. You can add this as text or as an icon such as an envelope. Placing this link in the footer, or even header, is an inconspicuous way to nudge your visitors to sign up for your mailing list. Those who are interested will self-select leading to a more engaged mailing list. Some sites display pop-up dialogs prompting visitors to join their mailing list or even offer discounts or special downloads for joining.

Publish Original Content

Mailing lists aren’t just for selling. To the contrary, the best way to attract and keep engaged contacts is by publishing original content that your audience will find helpful or informative. A periodic newsletter is a great way to give your readers updates on your company and industry and showcase your expertise; by showing authority in your areas of expertise you will be building trust and confidence in your company and brand.

Change Up Your Subject Lines

The subject line of your emails has a significant effect on open rates. One way to fine-tune your subject lines is by using A/B testing: sending half of your list one subject line and half another subject line then comparing the open rates of the two. Most email marketing services such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp will allow you to do a split mailing very easily. Once you have found what phrases, keywords, and styles your list responds to, optimize your email subject lines to reflect them.

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