Fall 2012 - Winter in Colorado

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Fall is certainly here in Colorado this 2012. We have woken up to snow on the grass and the nights are certainly cooler. The fall colors are present and it will not be long until we see the skiers all jammed up on Interstate-70  It is a sad and cicular revolution that drives people to sit in endless traffic jams to then be hoisted up a mountain for the pleasure of simply sliding down it, to repeat and repeat and repeat. Going where tons have gone before, only because they want to show their friends how much better their eco-killing gear is compared to others, or perhaps they are trying to impress that certain someone with their athletic prose. Either way, this ski season in Colorado expect to see the iphone and the android phone on the ski hill. I am curious how much WiFi access there is on the ski hills this upcoming year? 


Regardless, as an avid user of my mobile device for maps and GPS data it makes sense to develop web technologies and websites for ski resorts to incorperate ease of navigation by mobile device. 

I think most Colorado Ski Resorts do not have open broadcast WiFi on the ski hill or even the lifts. It seems the broadcast is only at the base of the mountain by the hotels if it exists at all. I theorize this will change in the near future to incorporate the entire ski hill - village and vicinity. It is to the resort's advantage to broadcast WiFi, as vacationers and patrons will expect this technology and be disappointed and somewhat lost without it. 

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