Why Pick a Web Designer vs. Do It Yourself

By Melissa Neilson
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The work of designers will continue to be relevant in our world.  Web designers with extensive experience and knowledge will continue to remain highly valuable. Here are six reasons why we will never consider web design as a dying profession:

1. Security and Maintenance

Having secure websites is essential for safeguarding any solid company. Similarly, website design, structure, and maintenance are crucial to search engine optimization (SEO). Hacker always seeks to take advantage of vulnerable websites that have outdated security details. Vulnerability in security may either leak sensitive information of clients or infect the computers of the website visitors. Therefore, one of the requirements a firm need to consider in a web designer is the maintenance of their website and the frequency of security updates. Complex websites such as those that collect customers’ information or the e-commerce websites, require having an experienced web designer who is always updated.

2. Online Branding

The role of a web designer is facilitating the delivery of quality content and specialized branding messages to website visitors. The ability of a designer to design pages that forward the brand of the company is very vital. This, therefore, leads to the integration of the marketing and web design. 

3. Specialized Functions

With the rapid evolution of technology, new skills such as android coding, customized blogging, and customized apps are needed.

4. Marketing Expertise

Having a digital marketing strategy facilitates an efficient budgeting of the necessary marketing activities, the right online marketing activities and the scheduling of appropriate content distribution. Though there are marketing planners that are readily available on the online platform, the knowledge and experience of a web designer who is an active help to get the best from your marketing activities.

5. Art

Web design is still viable as a profession to those who are willing to learn new ideas and incorporate them into their designs. Today people talk about user experience to refer to the feel, look, and the content that the website visitor expect when they visit a particular website. Elements such as fonts, backgrounds, infographics, color schemes, videos, and layouts will continue to increase in importance in web design. 

6. Quality

The web technological advancement in the last decade has made readymade templates of almost anything possible. There are now themes with templates for any kind of website you could imagine. Nonetheless, there are still intricacies involved in making a website relevance for conversion that is still difficult to be achieved with the use of templates.  Automation will never replace the need for quality websites.


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