Content Management Systems the Top 7 CMS's and Their Pros & Cons

Jan 06,2014
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Today's topic is Content Management Systems. Better known to developers as CMS. They can greatly expedite the development time of a website - what used to take months can now be done in a few clicks. 

If you are using the correct system, and know your way around their interface, the web world can become what you envision instead of what your developer envisions. Note:At Websnare we aim to create the website you want!

That said, there are a few noteable CMS "flavors" out there. 

We are going to make a quick list and continually modify this post to accomodate new changes and updates. 

1- Wordpress

PROS: It is mighty popular and has some great advantages. It is more robust than most free platforms. Wonderful for blogging and creating simple pages. It does support external themes and multilingual support. 

CONS: Wordpress has certainly limited capablilities when it comes to advanced functionality. It lacks some Search Engine Optimization features and attracts Spam...


2- Joomla 

PROS: My favorite CMS by far. I love the wysiwyg editor and the ability to customize or skin and categorize. It is my specialty.

CONS: Has certain quirks that require in-depth knowledge of inner-workings to get desired results. Joomla although is accessable to many developers, only those versed in Joomla can really make this bird sing!
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3- Drupal

PROS: Proven, secure and pretty SEO friendly.

CONS: Not user friendly, very tech-heavy and developers need MySQL and PHP expertise. Drupal can require a pretty large learning curve depending upon your current coding skills.


4- Magento

PROS: Good Ecommerce platform with strong 3rd party code. Easy integrations of templates, ability to manage many storefronts from one administrative panel.

CONS: Few developers have expertise in Magento - the plaform is complex and has many layers that require a steep learning curve.


5- B2Evolution

PROS: Pretty simple system good for blogging, with easy social media integration. Works with almost any MySql - PHP configuration. Features some nice CAPTCHA support and helps slow spam.

CONS:  Built on specialized PHP Tribe code. Hard to use interface compared to Wordpress for blogging. 


6- Xoops

PROS: It is pretty small learning curve, with template and search engine addons availible.

CONS: Lacks in documentation and things can be hard to figure out, but I like the overall feel and idea of the system.


6- Seotoaster

PROS: Has some great free themes and good SEO ablities.

CONS: I would love more insight and opinions about the cons of this system as it seems pretty competative and capable.


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