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How your information is organized on your website is one of the biggest factors that contributes to usability. Well thought-out menu structures and pages enable users who have never been to your site before to intuitively find what they are looking for with very little effort. It is always worth asking yourself if it is logical to have pages and information where they are.


A tool for accomplishing a clear and successful organization of pages and information on your website is a sitemap. A sitemap is a bare bones chart that shows the location of every page on your website and how it nests into other pages and the overall structure. Creating a sitemap is a good opportunity to understand the scope of your website and consider if your organizational structure is easy for a newcomer to understand. Furthermore, a clear sitemap will make the development process easier by orders of magnitude.


When you are thinking about building a website, start with a sitemap that makes sense and is conducive to the user flow and functionality that is appropriate for your company or industry. It can be good to compare your website’s structure and organization with others in your industry, but also remember that it needs to make sense to your users and the needs of your particular company. Clear organization will be appreciated by all of your users and provides the solid foundation needed for a functional and successful website - be sure to give this step the attention it deserves.

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