Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid With Your Business

By Samantha Salter
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It’s no longer a secret that utilizing SEO can help your brand reach a wider, more diverse audience by allowing your website to appear more visible in Google, but because the industry is ever-changing, many companies are left working with misinformation or dated techniques which can lead to stagnant or even lower rankings. To help you improve your search-ability and prevent penalties from search engines, our experts are here to reveal some of the most common mistakes to avoid when it comes to SEO.

Failing to Build Around the Right Keywords
Choosing the right keywords to build your SEO campaign around is crucial to seeing the results you want, and many companies fail to do the proper research before they decide which terms to target. There are quite a few keyword tools available online to help you pick the best ones for your industry and audience, but it’s also important to think about it from a human perspective; consider what your average end user is searching for to find your products and services and make sure the term can read naturally in text. For example, “web design and development Denver, CO” would be easier to incorporate into written material as “web design and development in Denver, CO” or “Denver, CO web design”. Thinking ahead will allow the content direction of your SEO efforts to go much smoother.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if your terms are too vague, you’ll run the risk of working against a hefty amount of competitors who are also optimizing the same words, so be as specific to your brand and products as you can while still choosing phrasing that is actually being searched for.

Not Having Enough Content On Web Pages
It’s a frequent misconception that content is only important for SEO when it comes to updating your own blog or guest-posting on someone else’s, but that’s not the case. It’s vital to have original text that tactfully includes your keywords on each page of your site; the longer and more descriptive your web pages are, the better they will be crawled and indexed by search engines, so even under pages designed to simply display available products, try to incorporate some explanatory phrasing with each image.  

Google recently implemented a “thin content” update which resulted in penalties and lower rankings for sites that had either no content, duplicate content, or to put it simply, useless content; to avoid this happening to you, make sure your writing somehow benefits or educates the reader and offers a clear purpose.

Expecting a Quick Fix

While white-hat, sustainable SEO practices are becoming the conventional method of improving rankings, there are still many business owners out there who believe they can permanently broaden their web visibility with a quick fix. Questionable “black hat” companies that submit links to irrelevant directories or post poorly written, keyword-stuffed blogs onto article farms might give your site a higher place in Google in a short amount of time, but these actions will almost certainly warrant your site a penalty that will leave you listed in a lower position than you initially started from.

Achieving long-lasting benefits with SEO is a time-consuming and ongoing process that is based on accumulative efforts, and seeing a shift in your current standing can take weeks or even months, depending on how competitive your keywords are, if any remedial actions need to be taken, etc. The end result tends to be worth the wait, and anyone who promises an instant payoff most likely isn't the most credible source to work with.

Focusing on One Aspect of SEO
Whether it’s link-building, technical optimization, or content marketing, avoid putting all your eggs in one basket; effective SEO finds a harmonious balance between all the different areas that factor into algorithm updates, so do your best to build your campaign from all angles. Spending time acquiring quality links will be more worthwhile if your website also has the proper coding structure, page architecture, and content framework implemented as these facets are actually quite connected with and reliant on each other.

For any online business or organization, ethical SEO practices can be extremely conducive when it comes to expanding an online presence and generating qualified leads, but it's a very methodical, drawn-out process that takes commitment and strategy as well as an ability to quickly adapt to the new rules and guidelines laid out by search engines. If you don't have the time or the industry know-how to integrate your own efforts, please get in touch with us. We always focus on delivering quality results that boost our clients to the top and keep them there. 

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