Busy week of web development in PHP and CSS

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This week has been busy for Websnare, Inc. Lots of current development projects. It seems every project is at a different stage of the development process. Basically, lots of "balls in the air" - and I am trying like crazy to not forget or overlook obvious items. I have clients with issues that need attention, and there is the need for constant prioritization, attention to detail and consistent quality. The greatest current challenges I am finding to be with communications - it takes time no matter how you do it. If I write my communications down and delegate it is efficient, but still take effort and time out of my day. Time really is the commodity that is non-renewable. I love my iphone (4s) and my Ipad - both of which are fantastic tools for communications. Regardless of all the technological advancements communications is still a hurdle. Comprehension and perception of what is communicated can be a risky variable. Websnare is aware of these possible "speedbumps" to projects and are working to develop a sure-fire way of comprehending our clients needs and wants, and then dissemination of that information to our development crew. 


The development projects I am blessed with are fantastic, my clients are great, and the business is growing quickly. We now have a few sub-contractors that handle the nitty-gritty stuff while I try to keep a larger more omnipotent perspective on the growth and perception of Websnare, Inc.

Time to get back to the helm... more awesome Colorado Web Development!

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