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May 25,2016
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Websnare Services Circles Websnare Services Circles mark rabin
Been busy around here lately! No real time to blog. As the CEO, I have found my job consistently more challenging. Going on our 20th year my journey has been beyond incredible. We have learned, progressed, adapted and are still ahead of the technology wave today! Websnare has never been stronger. We have proven our worth in multiple projects during the 2016 1st Quarter and see the 2nd and 3rd Quarters looking bright! Lots of important work to be done! Websnare, Inc. really does have the best team on the planet! Websnare consistently amazes me. One of the latest issues we are having as a firm: Many, yes tons, of businesses and independents could benefit from our focus. We are a team of between 15-25 people (it fluctuates) - and we want to help everyone, but lately we have had to make some tough decisions about who gets our attention. This is especially true in certain sectors of business where the client certainly does not want their competition gaining the same edge. We have had to choose whom we would like to help. This is a newer issue for our firm. It shows we have matured and recognize the value of our focus and launches. We certainly are not capable of assisting all who need our help - we certainly do very much want to help. Grateful for our team, my friends and family and our mutual focus.
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