Breadcrumbs for Navigation

Aug 12,2015
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Some websites employ a feature called breadcrumbs, so named for the breadcrumbs that one would leave behind to market a path through an unknown trail, that displays the navigation path that the user has taken to arrive at the current page. This can be helpful to give the user perspective as to where the current page fits into the overall site structure. Furthermore, this feature allows a user to incrementally navigate backwards through parent categories.


For instance:


Clothing > Women’s > Outdoor Gear > Jackets & Windbreakers > Women’s Raincoat

With the above breadcrumbs, a user could navigate to any one of the parent categories that have led to the current page (in the example, a single product page). This navigation method isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, but can definitely be useful in the right applications such as a clothing website with both many individual items and nested categories.

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