Branding Your Website is a Necessity

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A visual brand identity is one of your company’s most valuable assets - your brand communicates the trust, authority, and quality that your company represents and that you work hard every day to maintain. Your firm’s website is an extension of your brand and acts as the handshake between you and new customers.


When it comes to the appearance of your website, it is imperative to apply a clear and consistent visual identity across all pages for several reasons: it reassures users of the trust and quality that your company represents, it reminds users they are in the right place, and it further solidifies your company’s brand identity in their minds.


This can be accomplished by incorporating your logo in the headings on each page within your website, using your brand or logo’s colors as accents throughout the website, and maintaining consistent wording in your copy. When users arrive at your website, they are at one of the last stages of shopping before purchasing from you or enlisting your services; by this point, if you have branded your website, it will already look familiar to them even if it is their first time on the site.


How you go about branding your website will largely reflect the overall properties of your brand’s visual identity. Is it elegant and refined, modern and minimal, or possibly homey and rustic? This will help shape what color palettes to use, how your copy reads, and the images that you use on your website. Your website is a destination that customers will reach as part of the sales cycle and you get to define how that place feels to them.


Several design and structural elements and aesthetic decisions on your website work together to make the site feel right to your customers. If you have a strong visual identity in place, you will have to do less selling and persuading - customers will realize they are in the right place already.

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