Boosting Organic Traffic to Your Site

By Samantha Salter
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It's common sense that putting your time and money into a website for your business or organization is only worth it if you're going to have an audience, and obviously, the more people who are visiting your site, the more return you should see on your investment. While there are many paid tools you can use to increase your web traffic, there are also quite a few organic ways to raise awareness of your brand and bring in more online users. In general, people tend to be much more open minded about what you're offering if they feel like they've discovered you on their own without an aggressive sales approach being pushed on them. That being said, here are a few tips to naturally put more eyes on your site and increase your qualified leads.

Identify Target Key Words and Include Those in Your Content
One of the best ways to drive traffic to your site is to attain a solid grasp on what keywords online users are searching for in order to find the products and services you're offering and include those terms in your content. There are many keyword research tools available online to help you narrow down which ones would be the most beneficial(both short and long-tail) to strategize around. However, it's important to note that you shouldn't stuff your content with those terms as search engines frown upon that and it will appear spammy to readers; a good rule of thumb to follow is to try not to exceed using your intended keyword more than three to four times for every six hundred words of content. Don't overthink it, though. The most important thing is that you use your terms in a way that blends in naturally with your text and doesn't sound like you're forcing them in solely for SEO purposes. 
Don't Let Google Penalties Scare You Away From Guest Blogging 
Anyone who has put effort into expanding their web presence has heard the horror stories of companies being penalized by Google for shady link-building practices, and this has caused many businesses to shy away from guest blogging altogether. While you do have to be careful and make sure your strategies are ethical and act in accordance with search engines' algorithms, guest posting is still a great way to drive traffic for your brand. Publishing valuable and quality content on sites related to your niche, especially if they have a high domain authority, can easily lead those users right to your home page, and it's an effective way to build a community with other site owners and promote each other's services. Write with the intention of enlightening readers on your industry and only include links if they fit in naturally; this will help you avoid any adverse consequences from Google. 
Keep Your Content Useful and Easy to Understand 
Whether you're guest posting on someone else's blog or penning some content for your own, it's important to find the delicate balance between making sure your content is useful to the reader while being easy to mentally digest. If your writing is too generic, you're not going to generate any interest for your site, and likewise, if you're expressing too technical or advanced ideas for the average user, it can be intimidating and turn people away from your web page and future postings. Typically speaking, individuals who understand ultra-specific and complex technical terms will already be familiar with the knowledge you're relaying, so make sure to keep the intended audience in mind. If you can educate and provide interest to your readers, you'll develop a larger following for your site. 
Don't Be Afraid to Be Social 
An effective and easy way to promote your brand and encourage new visitors to check out your site is to get familiar with various social media portals. The more relevant, unique, and advantageous the updates and content you share on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, etc. are,  the more likely your subscribers will share that information and your brand will reach individuals in their network who can genuinely benefit from your services. 

Don't be shy about responding to comments on articles or partaking in online discussions related to your industry. While the internet is a big place, online communities can be smaller than you think, and if others begin to identify you as an expert in your niche, there's a much greater chance they'll be willing to give your site and services a chance. 
Make Your Site's Functionality a Top Priority
To improve your site's bounce rate, make sure it functions optimally for your users. If your site loads slowly, contains many broken links, or doesn't consist of any valuable information, visitors won't stay on your web page long enough to consider your products or services, and there's no way they'll recommend your brand to any of their associates. 

When it comes to increasing your traffic and expanding your audience, there are many organic techniques to help you get your name out there and start seeing an increase in revenue. If you're stuck and would like help putting these tactics into action, reach out to Websnare today and we'll be happy to get you started.

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