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Busy is good!

May 25,2016
Been busy around here lately! No real time to blog. As the CEO, I have found my job consistently more challenging. Going on our 20th year my journey has been beyond incredible. We have learned, progressed, adapted and are still ahead of the technology wave today! Websnare has never been stronger. We have proven our worth in multiple projects during the 2016 1st Quarter and see the 2nd and 3rd Quarters looking bright! Lots of important work to be done! Websnare, Inc. really does have the best team on the planet! Websnare consistently amazes me. One of the latest issues we are having as a firm: Many, yes tons, of businesses and independents could benefit from our focus. We are a team of between 15-25 people (it fluctuates) - and we want to help everyone, but lately we have had to make some tough decisions about who gets our attention. This is especially true in certain sectors of business where the client certainly does not want their competition gaining the same edge. We have had to choose whom we would like to help. This is a newer issue for our firm. It shows we have matured and recognize the value of our focus and launches. We certainly are not capable of assisting all who need our help - we certainly do very much want to help. Grateful for our team, my friends and family and our mutual focus.

You have a new website and your ready to start getting the new clients. Unfortunately the internet and google doesn’t work like that. We can’t make a website and expect to be on the first page of google instantly. What I’m going to show you today will help you in the journey to the first page of google and help you stay there.


1 Good content


You might have heard this one before and think you need to add more original content. You are 100% correct in that, if you are doing this keep it up. Here is another tip about content, write to your client with specific keywords. Google is looking for keywords that put their users in the right place, if you have the right key phrases you increase you chances of ranking higher.


2 Good clean U/X


What is U/X? It’s the user experience. Here why your user experience matters. When google finds your specific keywords and sends someone to your site they track and see how long the user was at your site. This tells google if your site is relevant to the keywords(or content) you have. A good U/X will help your potential client find what they're looking for and keep them engaged in exploring your site. If you would like to see if your site has a good U/X contact our team here.

3 Always improving


There are a hundred other things you could do to get on the first page of google but here is the most important thing to keep in mind. Always look for ways to be better. Also be patience, it’s takes time. Install google analytics to track your audience. Remember that there is always someone to help you get to the top, if you get stuck ask for help.


It’s a hard job to get on the front page of google but I know you can get there.


Websnare’s New Offer!!

We are so happy to tell you about our free website and evaluation offer! It is so easy to think that your website is “good enough” but with new companies springing up everyday, it is alway best to know where your website stands. That’s what we’re here to do, show you how your website is standing.


Why is Websnare Giving Free Evaluations?

Websnare is a full service website design & development firm, why should they be concerned about my needs? Our goal is to reach your target audience, the best way to do this is by taking a look at your website and helping you find the best ways to grow your audience. We find that 80% of website could use a little help to reach their full potential and business goals. That is why this is so important to us.


How Does This Help Me?

You have a website but you can’t seem to gain any new clients from the site. We’ll take a look for free and give you an outline of what you can do to make your site more functional, SEO conscious and user friendly. We are the experts in website recovery and know best way to turn a website from a basic website into an awesome website for all your friends and clients to see!


How Do I Get Signed Up?

Head over to our Free Evaluations and Consultation page and send us your name and email, as spots are filling up quickly. We would love to work with everyone. if there isn't a spot left, head over to our contact page and call one of our team members that will assist you in how we can still help you and your company. We are Websnare and we reach your target audience!


One of the first things that should kick off every website build is a collection of the complete content that the client wishes to be on the site. Having a clear overview of all of the content that will be on a site helps lay out things like page structure and menu organization. Furthermore, if a developer is repeatedly waiting for content from a client, that will slow down the development process and end up in extra hours and expense for both the client and developer. Copy and images are things that can be refined and finalized before the development process begins. Starting with the final images that will be used on the site and the final copy will ensure a smoother development process that frees up more time and resources to be spent on other important areas such as design, functionality, and troubleshooting.