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Having images that are sized specifically for use on the web can help make your website’s appearance much better and also load faster than unoptimized images. Some things to take into consideration are the compression and format used on images as well as the size. Images should be exported to be the smallest size possible without any noticeable quality loss. The PNG (portable network graphics) format provides high quality resolution at lower file sizes. Images optimized for web will load quicker and have color palettes that are optimized for your browser. Also, many websites will have versions of images at double the resolution for use with Retina displays. Provide your web developer or designer with the images you want to use on your website to make sure that they are optimized for web use and will give your website visitors the best experience possible.

It is always important to take regular backups of your site. It is not typical that you would lose information for no reason, but there are indeed things out of your control that could affect your website. At Websnare, we insist on taking regular backups of client sites to ensure that none of their valuable data or pages are lost. This is an investment in your website and making sure that in the event of server errors or compatibility issues, your site can be up and running again as soon as possible.

In designing UI elements, two major styles employed are flat and skeuomorphic (skew-oh-morphic). Flat elements employ clean and clear lines with two-dimensional styling whereas skeuomorphic design imitates physical objects in three dimensions with depth and physical features. An illustration of the contrast between the two is Apple’s redesign of iOS between versions 6 and 7; with iOS 7, and now 8, Apple designers converted the UI to all-flat icons and all of the native apps such as the calendar app to flat design. Previously, the native iOS apps had been designed to imitate their real-life counterparts, now they are flattened to provide a simple experience. Flat design is coming into vogue, lending a polished and modern look to websites and apps employing it. When designing elements for your site, consider what sort of aesthetic you want to convey and if that aesthetic works better with flat graphic elements or ones with depth that look more like real objects.

Google can seem like the final word in terms of the internet pecking order. Companies are constantly vying to be ranked #1, or at least on the front page of any given search results. The art of search engine optimization, or SEO, aims to improve the visibility and rankings of a site in search engine (Google) algorithms. Accomplishing this successfully is a full-time job and requires several constant tweaks. There is something easy you can do to improve your rankings, though: submit your site to Google for indexing. Doing this quick and easy step can help boost your website’s rankings by making it easier for Google’s algorithms to find your site.