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Wayne Rouse

Aug 13,2015

Wayne Rouse, a senior software architect and solution designer brings over two decades of software development experience to the Websnare team. Programming since his early days in middle school, Wayne’s constant curiosity and quest for knowledge culminated in a Bachelors degree in Computer Science with a minor in mathematics. In addition to formal education Wayne also earned a number of computer certifications through self study and continuing education including: Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified System Admin (MCSA), Network Engineer (MCSE), Database Administrator (MSDBA), Solution Developer (MSCD), and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). With a passion for solving problems and creating software, Wayne has helped a large number of organizations solve tough problems. Previous clients include: Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Centers for Disease Control, Alberta Health, Cerner Health, Citrix, Paychex, Cigna, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Walt Disney, Riviera Hotels and Casinos, and many more. Wayne is a self starter that works well on small and large teams. Current passions include programming using the new HTML5, Javascript, CSS stack to make cross platform mobile applications for organizations that want to realize the dream of having an application on iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. In his free time Wayne enjoys playing music in a local Denver band called, “The Shakes” and may be coming to a neighborhood near you!

Some websites employ a feature called breadcrumbs, so named for the breadcrumbs that one would leave behind to market a path through an unknown trail, that displays the navigation path that the user has taken to arrive at the current page. This can be helpful to give the user perspective as to where the current page fits into the overall site structure. Furthermore, this feature allows a user to incrementally navigate backwards through parent categories.


For instance:


Clothing > Women’s > Outdoor Gear > Jackets & Windbreakers > Women’s Raincoat

With the above breadcrumbs, a user could navigate to any one of the parent categories that have led to the current page (in the example, a single product page). This navigation method isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, but can definitely be useful in the right applications such as a clothing website with both many individual items and nested categories.

Use Color Wisely

Aug 11,2015

Using the right color palette for your website can have a huge impact in terms of user experience as well as attracting customers. Websites that are aimed at younger visitors should employ brighter colors and clear, concise blocks of text; vibrant colors will attract the attention of younger users and help them stay interested and engaged on the site. On the other hand, a professional or corporate website may choose to employ color more sparingly reserving its use for calls-to-action, dividing layout sections, or icons and imagery. Cooler, less-saturated colors can lend a clean and professional look to your site whereas saturated and warmer colors can appear to be more playful and friendly. Buttons, calls-to-action, and anything else that the user can interact with should be accented with color so that they are not overlooked. It is always a good idea to employ the same colors used in your logo and branded materials. From those colors, you can choose complementary colors to extend the palette or try using different levels of opacity to lend depth and texture to your site’s look.

Creating and maintaining a company blog is a good way to support marketing and SEO efforts while also building credibility for your brand. Informative blog posts give you a chance to build a brand voice while evincing your company’s topic knowledge. Your desire to serve customers and better your field of work should be the main focus rather than trying to sell products and services; blogging is part of a long-term marketing strategy of relationship building. Also, by creating blog entries that cover subject areas that are relevant to your company’s field, your website will be more visible in searches. On the whole, a regularly updated blog will be one of the most cost effective, and hopefully enjoyable, marketing activities you can use to build an audience and eventually attract more customers.