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Micah Ball

Mar 07,2015

Voice Over and Narration Production / WordPress and Multimedia Development. Micah possesses a diverse skill-set beyond his 16+ years of voice work, including emcee/announcer services for live events, audio post-production, copy-writing, seo/analytics and website/content development. He is also known to swing a strong hammer and mix a mean cocktail. Micah has spent his life so far dedicated to exploration and discovery; seeking new places in the wilderness and the world at large. He prefers to travel off of the beaten path. When away from the microphone, Micah enjoys spending time with his son- caving, backpacking, rafting, and snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains and travelling to new places.

Velu J

Mar 07,2015

Velu J has sound experience in visual design, user interactive design, and front-end design and development technologies. He takes great pride in exceeding his valuable clients' expectations and providing them with quality development that finds the perfect blend of functionality and creativity.

Velu and Mark met at a coffee shop in Boulder, CO and became dear friends. Many years later they work together daily to bring some of the finest development on the planet!
When he's not at his computer diving into code, he loves taking long drives with his family, getting to spend time with his daughter, and going on adventurous treks in the forest.


Mark A Rabin

Mar 07,2015

Mark Rabin, GD ETP. has always exuded a profound passion for computers, and it's his high level of enthusiasm and integrity, along with his human approach with his clients and team, that has lead Websnare to be on the cutting edge of web design and development for nearly twenty years. He uses the drive and perseverance he brings to every one of his web projects to help him pursue his other main interest as a caving enthusiast. When he's not looking deep into his monitors or digging into any caves, Mark enjoys spending time with his son and the people who envelop his world with love and support his energetic dedication to his craft.

Since our last company update, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added even more team members to our Websnare family, and we can now provide our clients with two new services to help their brands see success and growth: business development and marketing. Our goal is to be able to offer you all the necessary outlets to effectively promote your company so that you only have to go through one source that you have established a trusting relationship with; it makes things more convenient for you, and we’re thrilled to do it. Here’s what we’ve added on:

Business Development

When you’re ready to think about creating long-term business strategies, shifting your current direction, or expanding into new territories, our business development team can provide experienced insight into how to gradually, smoothly, and successfully transform and advance your company’s current standing. We work to help you build new relationships with partners and consumers, as well as maintain and leverage existing ones, to ensure you’re consistently drumming up new opportunities to pursue. A business that’s always pushing forward doesn’t disappear into the shadows, and we’ll be diligent in keeping yours on the leading-edge of your industry.

With our extensive experience in generating funding for brands, increasing revenue with websites, and helping companies expand into the global market, you don’t have to establish limitations on how far you can take your business. We assist with both short-term projects and continual ones, so whatever you’re working with, it’ll likely fit within our range of capacity.


Marketing sets the tone of how your brand is presented to the public, and the better received your approach is, the more sales you’ll see come through; it’s important to be deliberate in how you come across, and whether you want to create an enthusiastic image filled with personality, or one that’s more serious and sophisticated, it starts with your advertising efforts.

In today's world, the field of marketing encompasses many different tactics, and we’re happy to be able to offer a wide scope of options so that you can integrate standard and proven techniques with a mix of more creative and innovative measures. Whether you need some straightforward advice on direct mailing, or you’d like to start reworking your visual promotion (graphic design, video production, etc.), we do it all!

We look into each of our client’s current industry to analyze current market trends as well what direction the niche is projected to go in the future; this helps us create customized marketing campaigns that build memorable and positive relationships with members of a far-reaching audience. We’ll talk with you about if your current strategy needs a healthy revamp or a complete do-over, and after we develop a plan you’re excited about, our team will put it into action.

Get in Touch!
We’re delighted to be able to take on your business needs from all angles. We look forward to seeing our clients gain longevity, success, and recognition in their industries, and if you’d like to learn more about how we can help out, please send us an email or give us call today!