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I have recently purchased a few different Apple mobile devices. I have a short comparision of these items below.
The Ipad 2, and the Iphone 4s (with Verizon service).  My cell phone was meticulously mistakenly cleaned by the washing machine.
I needed a new Mobile Number so I can support my clients while traveling. Although, I should digress here to explain my prior Cell Phone was far from a smart-phone.

I was lucky to work out a fair-trade with clients for both of these devices. 



Has a great display, so the upgrade to the IPAD3 seems more luxury than necessity - at least for my typical IPAD2 useage patterns. 

I think the IPAD is a fantastic tool. It allows for a tactile type of operation that seems much more conductive as a learning tool. There are a few minor upgrades I wish were part of the IPAD2. 

Expandable Memory - this seems so obvious to me. I dream to wish for  a micro-usb like storage function built into the IPAD2. Maybe, this feature or accessory is out there but I am not aware of any such invention for IPAD2. The other upgrade would have to be a built in stand. This also seems obvious to me, that with a metal case, a hinged stand could certainly be achieved..right?



The Iphone 4s is the current leader of the Iphone pack. It is the latest techy offering from Apple on the Iphone shelf. It has a few upgraded features from the typical Iphone 4. I also acquired a plastic Otter Case to help protect my Iphone. I was lucky enough to keep my same-number (as I was a Verizon customer prior to the Iphone). 

How is it different from the IPAD?

The Iphone is basically the IPAD, with a few minor differences. There are a few differences in the Settings icon, but most everyting is identical.

1- The Phone Feature is built into the IPHONE. It is an icon, like all the other applications (apps). The Phone Feature appears as a green phone icon on my Iphone's desktop. This app allows for the use of the voice-phone feature set you would expect of a modern cellphone. 

note: many people are confused by this, so I thought I would try to explain. If you have an IPAD you can make calls, but not with the ease of calling from a IPHONE. The Ipad (mine are wireless only) have applications available to allow for voice type calling. Through some wizardry you might even connect Google Voice to attach a telephone number to your IPAD - but this is techy and might be unstable and requires some nearly constant maintainence. 


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