5s Camera Fix

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Your Iphone 5 or 5s Camera is not working anymore.
Recently, I realized my front facing camera on my Iphone 5s was not working. I did a bunch of investigation and saw many people thinking this was due to the latest IOS update. It probably is not related.  The fix for my camera was so old-school that I decided to go ahead an add a blog about this as it is not customary and actually really easy to achieve. 

Take your phone out of its case.
Take the iphone out of its case if it is in a case and close the camera app. 

Then power off your iphone - hard power off, using the power button at the top of the phone. 

Locate the front facing camera on the Iphone and apply simple/easy pressure to the lense - Using a clean finger. 

You may feel the camera lense recess into the casing a bit, that is fine. It should not take tremendous pressure, just a simple nudge.

Fire back up your Iphone and try the camera app.

Fire up your Iphone and start your camera app.

If your camera now shows video output and works, you just fixed your issue. I could not believe this actually fixed the issue on my phone but it did. So, I wanted to pass this along to all others who are about to drop money on repairs and are frustrated with the iphone and the latest updates (I spent hours reading people's complaints and frustrations online before finding this fix).


Thanks and please remember we did not design the Iphone, the camera lense issue is not our fault and we take no responsibility for you breaking your phone physically while making this repair. 

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