5 Ways to Get More From Social Media Marketing

By Samantha Salter
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By now you're probably well aware that utilizing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., is an integral part of expanding your brand's recognition and online visibility, but developing an effective social media strategy means more than merely setting up an account and occasionally posting a picture or status update. Your social networking campaign, ideally, needs to to help you connect better with both existing and prospective clientele, and if you feel that your current approach could use some renovation, here are a few tips to help you stay on the right track.

Reply to Comments and Feedback
When it comes to staying connected to your subscribers, the best thing you can do is take time to reply to their comments, questions, and feedback. People enjoy seeing a company engaging with consumers as it sends the message that you appreciate their time and care about their concerns, but don't just respond to the happy ones; learning how to professionally and sensitively respond to the complainers and cynics can help you mend fences with disappointed consumers, or at the very least, cultivate a reputation on being mature and considerate, and a positive public image can take any brand a long way.

Be Relevant, Current, and Human
As far as posting your updates go, you always want to keep followers current on any deals and promotions you're offering, but don't be afraid to talk about something other than yourself. Keeping readers informed on interesting news and changes in your overall industry can often be more "share-worthy" than only mentioning details regarding your own company, and the more your content or status gets passed along, the more your brand will reach online users who haven't subscribed to you yet. Also, the public tends to get bored with a stiff corporate image, so show a little personality with your social media presence by writing in relatable language. sharing charismatic photos of your staff, and even expressing a sense of humor; you'd be surprised the difference a little human touch can make.

Develop a Unique Strategy for Each Platform
It's alright to create a general blueprint of where you want to take your social media campaign, but try your best to avoid implementing a one-size-fits-all approach for each platform. Your marketing direction should be customized depending on if you're focusing on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., as the audience, functionality, and purpose vary slightly between social networks, and you'll see a greater return on your effort if you take the time to cater to the unique characteristics of each.

Engage With Users in Related Industries
While your goal is to get as many shares, likes, retweets, etc. as possible, don't forget to do some following and subscribing of your own. Networking with owners in niches related to yours can be an excellent way to cross-promote and increase your company's web presence across multiple demographics, so don't be shy; reach out and see if you can trade a like for a like.

Never Underestimate the Power of Incentives
The average online user receives request after request to follow various businesses or organizations on social media, and the calls to action often go completely unnoticed. To accrue more fans, make your brand stand out by offering an incentive for liking your company’s Facebook page or following you on Twitter. Whether it’s a discount or an entry into a giveaway, people are always more likely to be persuaded when there’s something in it for them, and once you have them in the door, you can then create lifelong subscribers by winning them over with your engaging content, relatable approach, etc.

Effectively utilizing social media marketing is crucial to staying up to speed with the modern business world, but getting to the point where your efforts are benefiting your business takes prolonged commitment and daily dedication. If you’d like to improve your strategy but don’t have the time to do it, get in touch with our marketing team at Websnare! That’s what we’re here for.

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