4 Indicators Your Website Needs an Upgrade

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With how quickly the world of technology and web development is transforming, ensuring your website is up-to-date with the modern times can seem daunting and exhausting, but it’s also the key to sculpting a professional, polished online image. Unfortunately, first impressions carry quite a bit of clout in the business world, and if your web presence comes across as being behind the times, potential clients will most likely infer that your products/services are dated as well. So, how do know if your website is in need of a facelift? The following information should help you out:

Your Website Isn’t Designed to Be Responsive
There are many devices out there that are designed to access the internet, and the list just keeps on growing. When looking to lure in more clients with your website, it’s crucial that your web page is functional and user-friendly across multiple platforms as many online users don’t solely rely on their laptops for online browsing anymore ; if a prospect pulls up your site on a mobile device and the page doesn’t load properly, read well, etc., the natural reaction is to close your site and move on to the next listed option.

The Graphics and Layout Are Dated
If it’s been years since your site has had a revamp in its design, you might want to think about how you can best enhance the visual elements; unusual fonts and overpowering animation were once interesting ideas to explore, but currently, sleek, clean, and most of all, practical graphics are what users gravitate towards when it comes to websites. In other words, a standout website manages to have captivating aesthetics without distracting the audience from what the page is actually about.

The layout of the website is another major thing to consider; modern sites are constructed to be both convenient for end users to operate and favorable for search engines to crawl. If your navigation and information are not simple enough for your audience to easily figure out, you’ll have a hard time converting any traffic to actual leads, and likewise, if your site has not been optimized with the ideal coding structure, site architecture, and content development, it will be hard for you to rank highly in Google, Bing, etc.

Your Bounce Rate is High
If you look through your analytics and notice your website has a high bounce rate (meaning visitors leave your site after looking at only one page), this means there is probably room for improvement. Hard to read content, irritating advertisements, confusing navigation, unfavorable graphics, and technical glitches are all reasons why users disregard web pages as soon as they land on them.

Your Website Looks Abandoned
If you fail to integrate social media with your web presence, update your product listings, or produce new blog content regularly, users may question if your site is still in working order, and similarly, having broken links or other features that no longer work on your site makes it difficult to cultivate a strong web presence. Adding fresh updates to your web page consistently, as well as fixing any functional issues, lets your audience know you are still here, and these actions are also extremely important if you want to see any of the benefits that SEO offers.

Maintaining a powerful, robust, and modern website is no easy task, especially if your industry knowledge is not very expansive. Luckily, our experts at Websnare, Inc. have been designing and revamping websites for nearly twenty years, and if you’d like to get in touch about your current project, we guarantee we can help you shape it into something truly cutting edge and world class!

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